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The 2017 Congress will demonstrate that Montessori is an educational approach guided by the natural laws of human development, which enables all human beings to become agents of positive social change, which in the long term can lead to a more harmonious and peaceful world.
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Required and Recommended Readings

Reading Lists

We recommend you read the following publications before starting your course. Copies may be purchased at the Montessori Institute. Email the MIM office for information.

Required Reading - MIM Elementary Course

Maria Montessori
  • The Absorbent Mind   $18.00
  • Education and Peace   $14.75
  • Advanced Montessori Method - Volume 1   $18.00
  • Advanced Montessori Method - Volume 2   $18.00
  • From Childhood to Adolescence   $14.50
  • To Educate the Human Potential   $15.00
  • Psychogeometry   $20.00
  • The Four Planes of Education   $7.00
Mario Montessori
  • The Human Tendencies and Montessori Education   $7.00
  • Cosmic Education   $7.00

Recommended Reading

Lillard, Paula Polk
  • Montessori: A Modern Approach   $12.50
  • Montessori Today   $12.50
Mario Montessori Jr.
  • Education for Human Development   $14.00
E. M. Standing
  • Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work   $14.50

Required Reading - MIM Elementary Foundation Course

Maria Montessori
  • The Absorbent Mind   $18.00
  • The Secret of Childhood   $11.50
  • The Discovery of the Child   $18.00
  • Education for a New World   $14.75
  • The Child and the Family   $15.00
  • Education and Peace   $14.75
Mario Montessori
  • The Human Tendencies and Montessori Education   $7.00

Recommended Reading

Maria Montessori
  • What You Should Know About Your Child   $14.75

Other books are available for sale - please visit the office with any requests

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