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Admission to the Primary and Elementary Courses

The Primary Course is open to:
The Elementary Course is open to:
(*Exceptions made at the discretion of the Training Center.)

Primary Course (3 to 6 years)

The primary course focuses on the Montessori pedagogy and practices relating to the characteristics of children from 3 to 6 years of age, the needs expressed during this stage of development, and the means available to assist the child's work of self-construction. The teacher is trained to act as a vital and unhurried link between children and their surroundings; all children explore freely at their own pace. Student observation and practice teaching are under the direct guidance of the training staff.

Elementary Course (6 to 12 years)

The elementary course combines intensive lectures with hands-on exploration of teaching materials and classroom observations. It is an interdisciplinary study of human beings, their endeavors, and their relationship to the universe.

At the elementary level, children seek the reason for everything. Instead of expecting the child to memorize a curriculum, the Montessori teacher presents aspects of culture to the elementary child as "seeds of interest" lessons which touch the child's imagination and ignite their intellect. Searching for answers through individual and small group activities, elementary students learn geography, biology, history, language, science, music, art, and all branches of mathematics. The training for elementary teachers also includes Dr. Montessori's principles of psychology, education, and teaching methodology.

The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is an intensive course held during the Summer. It is designed to give comprehensive knowledge of the Primary Montessori Curriculum which forms the basis of and relates to the work of the Elementary Course. It is a prerequisite for applicants who do not hold an A.M.I. Primary Diploma. Click here for dates.

During the initial part of the application procedure, the prospective student needs to submit the application form provided on this website and follow the included instructions.

When all application components have been received, a personal interview is generally required. Phone interviews can be scheduled for those who do not reside locally.

The Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, Inc., does not discriminate with respect to its faculty, staff students, employees or any other relationship within the corporation on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, religion or national or ethnic origin.

Graduate Programs: M.Ed and C.A.S in Montessori Education

Loyola University Maryland’s partnership with the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee provides students with the opportunity to complete a M.Ed. degree in conjunction with the AMI diploma. If accepted into the Graduate School at Loyola, students earn 27 credits through the completion of their Primary, Elementary or A-to-I AMI diplomas. The final 9 credits are completed in a 4-week intensive experience in residence at Loyola University Maryland’s Evergreen Campus in Baltimore.

For more information on Admission Requirements and Application Deadlines, please visit and navigate to the “Off-Site Partner” tab under Program Options, or Attend a Virtual Information Session.

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Naoko Ogawa is back and beginning an Academic Year Primary Course September 5, 2018!

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NEW! 3-summer, Chicago Area, Elementary Course Beginning Summer 2018

We are excited about expanding our AMI elementary community and supporting the expansion of AMI Montessori in Chicago Public Schools.

We have a team of trainers, we have a facility in Evanston, we have material making underway.

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Now accepting applications for AMI Elementary Teacher Training Programs starting in 2018.

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