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Sat. April 14th, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Supporting Children Who Are Struggling

presented by Dr. Nora McNamara
Click here to register
or call the MIM office at:(414) 481-5050

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An Academic Year Primary Course is beginning Wednesday September 5, 2018

More information to come.

If you are interested, please call
414-481-5050 or e-mail joellen@montessori6-12ami.org

NEW! 3-summer, Chicago Area, Elementary Course Beginning Summer 2018

We are excited about expanding our AMI elementary community and supporting the expansion of AMI Montessori in Chicago Public Schools.

We have a team of trainers, we have a facility in Evanston, we have material making underway.

Click here to register, or contact Jo Ellen at the training center joellen@montessori6-12ami.org.